JNC at The SAP User Group 2016

This conference was a great success for JNC with significant interest from delegates in our SAP License Management and Compliancy services. For many this was their first interaction with our brand and so the event helped introduce us to many new potential clients.

This years conference was partcicularly poinient for us given the Key Note reference to Indirect Access licensing risk. Indirect Access has been a risk and an issue for SAP customers for some time however a few key trends inclusing the emergence of “best-of-breed” technology in many SAP/ERP landscapes and the use of web besed platforms to extend the reach and usage of the SAP platform beyond the traditional boundaries.

Following the Key Note speech highlighting the concerns and throughout the conference we had many customers visit our booth to find out more about it and pick up some key tips on management strategties for getting to grips with it.

All in all we were delighted with the outcomes of the event and a busy booth is always a good sign. Although next year we will be looking into bringing more goodies with us to keep the treasure hunters happy!

JNC Indirect Access Services

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