SAP Audit Defence


Defend Your License Compliance

The complexities of SAP contracts and licensing models often leave companies struggling to determine an effective response to non-compliancy claims.

JNC’s License Audit Defence service involves getting to the bottom of what you actually owe, if anything.

JNC is completely vendor independent. We are not an SAP partner or SAP License Reseller. We only act on behalf of end-user customers so you can rely on us to provide the support you need to handle any kind of licensing dispute with your software provider.

Many SAP customers struggle to challenge a license audit, when in fact significant savings can be made by reviewing audit findings

SAP License Measurement Preparation

The Process

We review SAP’s claim to establish the basis of the claim, typically formed of the data or information upon which the claim is based and the contractual terms and conditions being relied upon in support of the claim.

A deep look into your contractual licensing rights and terms and conditions.


  • Collect your software and service order froms, invoices and master agreement with SAP.
  • Create a view of SAP software entitlments in the form of a Bill of Material (BoM) and calculate the total cost of ownership.
  • Analyse your terms and conditions against the software you purchased.
  • Review your terminated contracts and products to discover if any previously agreed terms can be used as leverage.
  • Analyse your maintenance and support costs to ensure these align with your contractual terms, and identify if there are any irregularities.

The Named-User Licensing (NUL) measurement phase provides an accurate view of the named-user licensing your business needs, compared to the assets you currently hold. By establishing the total number of unique named-users, the process identifies surplus or shortfall against each named-user license type within your contract (as documented in the BoM) or other applicable license types. It also helps identify and remove duplicated users.

For Packages, we establish how to measure your usage as the LAW reports often do not measure the licensing metrics that you have purchased. We can also identify unlicensed or over licensed packages to help you identify any potential exposures or cost optimisations.

Being compliant does not always mean your systems are optimised. Optimisation assigns your licenses at best value while staying compliant. By performing active remediation including system configuration, user provisioning, license allocations and user administration, we can optimise the use of your existing assets and reduce the number of licenses you need.

Audit Defence includes assistance in negotiating with SAP their claims and collating evidence to support you with your defence. The defence case depends on the outcome of the review and whether we will seek to defend against all, part, or none of the claim. The defence case consists of target outcomes, risk assessment, contract review outcomes, usage evaluation outcomes, response strategy, and negotiations strategy.

JNC can offer either support or direct communication with the vendor to ensure you are getting the best out of your audit and ongoing relationship with SAP.

The Benefits:

  • Control the license measurement
  • Understand your actual compliance position
  • Become compliant without purchasing more licenses
  • Use our intelligence to present and articulate an effective defence
  • Regain control of the negotiations process and optimise outcomes
  • Know your rights
  • JNC is completely vendor independent

The Results:

  • Strong audit defence counter-arguments
  • Be secure in your compliance position
  • Potentially reduce costs by avoiding audit fees / license fees

JNC offer Measurement Defence services on a no-win no-fee (contingency) fee basis.

Professional Services

JNC offer Non-compliancy and Audit Defence services on a time and materials basis due to the nature of the work and the difficulty in estimating the total effort required in advance.

In all cases, we are able to provide an estimate based on the case and circumstances.

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