SAP License Management

SAP License Management

Our SAP license Management service allows you to optimise your total cost of ownership, improve efficiency and minimise risk.

SAP Licensing costs account for a large proportion of a company’s IT budget and SAP licensing models are not always straightforward and are known to be complex.

This can lead to many questions within organisations on how to best manage their software assets.

Unearth the actual usage of all SAP environments from both a named user and package measurement perspective.


Business Benefits

  • Identify Under Licensing (non-compliance detection).
  • Identify Over Licensing (surplus asset discovery).
  • Optimise SAP License Utilisation.
  • Contract Review.
  • Contract Negotiation.
  • Contractual Risk Evaluation.

Many companies find that they are not as compliant as they thought.


Budgeting and controlling license costs can be a complex endeavour with many hazards and pitfalls.


How Do We Do It?

By evaluating your usage of the SAP landscape, and analysing your contracts to establish your entitlement, we are in a position to advise you on compliance issues detected including current and future risk and how to manage these potential shortfalls.

Through reviewing your contracts, itemising your entitlements at a product and comparing this to your usage we can advise you on compliance issues detected and any potential risk.

We offer advice on how to optimise your license deployment agreement whilst maintaining compliance.


License Management

Making changes to user license assignments in the SAP system resulting from JNC’s review is relatively straightforward . These changes can be executed by a system administrator with on-hand support and guidance provided by JNC. Similarly, JNC can also execute defined change orders and work packages where client-side resources are not available to do so.

Due to our extensive knowledge and experience in licensing SAP landscapes, we offer our recommendations on staying compliant with your SAP contract whilst having the ability to control future license provisions.

This will consist of implementing sustainable processes helping you make the necessary license management decisions moving forward.

Non-compliance is not restricted to only Named-Users and Packages, it can occur in a multitude of other ways. We bring awareness to these other, often unconsidered, risks. If not mitigated the associated costs can be significant.
Using our experience in measuring SAP landscapes, we can highlight areas of concern to bring awareness allowing your business to take decisive action to avoid costly non-compliance penalties.

Collect all Software and Service Order Forms, Invoices and the Master Agreements between SAP and the client.
Create a view of SAP software entitlements in the form of a Bill of Material and calculate the Total Cost of Ownership.
Review, analyse and identify specific software use terms and conditions.

The Named-User Licensing (NUL) measurement phase provides an accurate view of the named-user licensing required by the business to support actual usage of the SAP software compared to the licensing assets currently held. The process either identifies surplus or shortfall against each named-user license type within your contract (as documented in the BoM) or other applicable license types not already procured.
The Named-user Measurement process involves establishing the total number of unique named-users who require a license including, identifying and eradicating dormant and duplicated users.
We convert contractual definitions to technical definitions according to the clients contract, and then perform a measurement per individual named user license type. The analysis is typically performed by determine what users can do in the SAP system considering their access controls and what users have done based on their usage footprint. The measurement itself is dependant on the clients contractual definitions.
The SAP License Evaluation reveals a more accurate and realistic view of licensing compared with the SAP standard measurement tools such as USMM and SLAW. The standard SAP licensing tools typically base themselves on what SAP licenses have been allocated by the systems administrator and are known to be error prone due to the contract not being fully reviewed and/or correctly interpreted by the systems administrator.

SAP software packages are purchased using specific business metrics which can vary depending on the year of purchase. Not all software packages are measurable by the standard SAP license measurement tools and will require a self-declaration by the client. In addition, there is the possibility that support notes will need to be implemented in order to improve measurement accuracy.

Dive deeper into your landscape to discover your actual licensing position versus your potential optimal licensing position. This step heavily involves analyzing statistical data, system administration data and user provisioning data to discover what licensing you need based on your actual usage of the SAP system.

This step has high success rates not only from a cost savings perspective but also steers the client for future procurements, and license management processes.



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