The JNC License Audit Simulation is the ideal solution for organisations preparing for a license audit. Whether for a contract renewal, flex-to-fixed true-up, annual LAW submission or a vendor audit our License.

Audit Preparation service identifies non-compliant or unlicensed usage as well as surplus assets. This gives you the opportunity to get compliant, optimise licensing and avoiding costly and unexpected fees.

In principle, a license audit, whether internal or vendor driven, is the process of assessing if your usage of the SAP software is compliant with your contract and entitlement.

Our Audit Preparation services offer foresight into up-and-coming audit performance giving your business the intelligence it needs to negotiate a license audit with minimal business disruption and financial impact.

Due to the complexities of SAP’s contracts and licensing model, this is not straightforward and getting it wrong can be costly. JNC provide a reliable, accurate and proven service to ensure you get it right and remain in control.

Compliancy Approach

If you were audited by SAP tomorrow, what would the result be? An as-is view of your licensing and compliancy position across the entire enterprise.

This involves unearthing the actual usage of the SAP software and comparing this to the established entitlement. We do this through the SAP License Audit Simulation process, which gives you an accurate view of licensing and compliancy across the enterprise.

The license audit provides a benchmark telling you how you would perform if you were audited by SAP based on your as-is licensing position. Our service allows you to take remedial user licensing and system configuration actions that will improve your audit result. It also provides a platform from which you can optimise your licensing.

Optimisation Approach

Compliant is not necessarily optimised. Optimisation involves identifying the minimum licensing required in line with actual software usage. 

Optimisation involves forensic deep dive analysis of user provisioning and software usage data to determine the optimal licensing position. By performing active remediation measures to parameters including system configuration, user provisioning, license allocations, and user administration, JNC can optimise the use of existing license assets reducing the total value of licensing demand and the number of licences required.

Optimisation, as a remediation measure can bring an organisation from a non-compliant position to a compliant position by correcting factors that are resulting in a higher demand for licensing that is actually required. It can also reduce the potential audit liability significantly from high to low. Even if you are compliant optimisation can free up entitlement which can be utilised in the future before making a new unnecessary license purchase.

JNC recommends that all organisations take steps to optimise their SAP licensing in advance of any license audit event including annual LAW submissions or in advance of making license purchase with SAP.

There are significant commercial and strategic advantages to be gained from doing so.

The compliancy approach involves carrying out an SAP License Audit Simulation. This service provides an enterprise-wide view of licensing and compliancy.

Contract Review

  • An accurate view of software entitlement
  • Accurate SAP Bill-of-Materials
  • Entitlement report on contractual obligations

Named-User Audit

  • Establish named-user licensing demand
  • Compare to the SAP BoM
  • Surplus and shortfall for each license type

Engines Audit

  • Establish applicable metrics
  • Measure consumption versus entitlement
  • Detect un-used, under-used and un-licensed packages

Indirect Access Audit

  • Establish all interfaced systems and evaluate usage
  • Establish contractual obligations
  • Define licensing requirements
  • Account for both compliant and non-compliant indirect usage

Optimisation Approach

The Optimisation Approach involves SAP License Optimisation as a follow-on to the SAP License Audit Simulation.

Once the As-is position has been established Optimisation ensures that the audit captures demand for only the minimum licensing required based on actual software usage.

Optimisation Process

  • Minimises the total number of licenses required.
  • Ensures minimal license requirements identified.
  • Allows optimal use of existing license assets.
  • Optimisation reflects your true licensing demand.

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