The complexities of SAP contracts and licensing models often leave companies struggling to determine an effective response to non-compliancy claims.

JNC’s License Audit Defence service involves getting to the bottom of what you actually owe if anything.

  • True-up bills for under-licensing resulting from your annual measurement
  • Non-compliancy claims resulting from an on-site license audit
  • Unlicensed usage discovered by any other means


The Process

JNC is completely vendor independent. We are not an SAP partner or SAP License Reseller.

We only act on behalf of end-user customers so you can rely on us to provide the support you need to handle any kind of licensing dispute with your software provider.

Claim Review

We review SAP’s claim to establish the basis of the claim typically formed of the data or information upon which the claim is based and the contractual terms and conditions being relied upon in support of the claim.

Contracts Review

We review your contracts to establish our independent expert view of your entitlements. We look at the reliability of terms relied upon and identify any terms and conditions that can support an effective counter-argument.

Usage Evaluation

We put our license audit simulation tools and techniques to good use to determine our view of your actual software usage. We combine this with our review of the contracts to establish the extent of any non-compliant usage, if any, with a view to providing compliant usage.

Active Remedies

Where client-side technical or systems management issues are detected as the cause or a contributing factor we advise on the active remedies that can be implemented to mitigate these issues.

Write Defence Case

The defence case wrote depends on the outcome of the review and whether we will seek to defend against all, part, or none of the claim. The defence case consists of target outcomes, risk assessment, contract review outcomes, usage evaluation outcomes, response strategy, and negotiations strategy.

Professional Services

JNC offer Non-compliancy and Audit Defence services on a time and materials basis due to the nature of the work and the difficulty in estimating the total effort required in advance. In all cases we are able to provide an estimate based on the case and circumstances. Contact us to speak to us about your case and for a detailed proposal on the support we can offer.

Contingency Fee Services

JNC offer Audit Defence services on a no-win no-fee (contingency) fee basis. Here we provide our service with no upfront charges and calculate our fee as a % of the total cost saving secured for the client. This service is not available in all cases.  Terms and conditions apply. Get in contact now to speak to a JNC consultant about our contingency fee services.

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