SAP Security Architecture

To safeguard sensitive and business critical data from unauthorized access, flexible yet robust controls need to be implemented, updated and periodically monitored to avoid exposure of sensitive information, and the risk of financial threats potentially resulting in damaging consequences.

Added to the threat of malicious attacks from outside influences there is also an element of risk from within an organization. Simple human error accounts for a large proportion of problems and there is the potential for users to intentionally engaging in malicious acts to cause disruption or engage in a fraudulent act.

A solid SAP authorizations framework accompanied by clear policies and robust procedures will reduce the element of risk within an organization.


How Do We Do it?

To create a tangible and robust authorization concept you need more than just technical knowledge.

Functional experience within the SAP landscape and a forward-thinking pro-active approach will save time, inconvenience and recurring costs.

JNC Consultancy has designed and implemented numerous authorization concepts for a multitude of organizations in a wide range of industries leveraging proven methodologies and utilizing the vast experience of our consultants.

We have both the technical presence and the experience to work with you in designing and implementing a tangible security concept.

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