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Commercial Experience across All Industries

Whatever stage of the SAP procurement process your organisation is at, JNC’s expertise, insight and knowledge are here to guide you through, allowing you to deliver the best technical and commercial outcome.

SAP’s extensive range of solutions can often create a challenge when deciding which option to go for, determining Opex and Capex budgets, timescales and payment options. All of these elements are negotiable, and our experience and in-depth knowledge with SAP will enable you to achieve the best procurement experience possible.

Our extensive benchmarking capabilities and wide-ranging database of pricing mean we are able to identify opportunities to optimise SAP’s proposal to you. Using key data such as the size of landscape, roadmap, the solutions being purchased, market drivers, and current promotions, we can model an outcome to meet your IT and Financial requirements.

JNC are always up to date with SAP’s offers & concessions, that can cover multiple products and categories of spend, and provide a shift change to optimise your budget. Current considerations are discount lock on future purchases, conversion credits for existing products, Single Metric, Audit Suspension and Free Consulting such as MaxAttention.

At JNC, our main objective is to assist you and your organisation achieve the best possible procurement experience.



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