Managed Services

SAP Managed Services

JNC’s Managed Services for SAP allows you to outsource key management activities to JNC’s team of SAP expert consultants. Our managed service brings together all the key management components required to control licensing costs, maintain compliance and maximise value from SAP agreements. Our managed services are designed specifically for SAP customers. Our unique tailored approach is based on years of SAP experience and sets the benchmark for SAP license management standards.

Business Benefits

  • We deliver managed services using our suite of in-house tools so no need to buy or license a third-party SAM product.
  • You get the benefit of JNC expertise and tools for one annual managed service fee
  • Our managed services fees are linked to your SAP software application value (SAV).
  • Our managed services can be tailored to your specific needs.

After the planned budget for a license agreement, many companies could find that they are not as compliant as they had initially thought.


How Do We Do It?

By measuring your usage of the SAP system, and analysing your vendor contract to establish your entitlement, we are in a position to advise you on compliance issues detected including current and future risk and how to avoid these potential shortfalls.

We are able to offer advice on how to optimise your license agreement whilst promoting compliance.

SAP Licensing Support Service

We track our clients SAP licensing entitlements using our Advanced SAP Bill-of- Materials template. When new purchases are made we update the BoM to ensure accurate records of licensing entitlements are maintained.

  • History of purchase accounted for
  • All purchases accurately recorded
  • All conversions accurately accounted for
  • Issues identified and resolved
  • Inventory always up-to-date

We use our SAP User Licensing Engine to compare user classifications to SAP role content ensuring clients have a full picture of risk and potential user licensing requirements. We help clients manage SAP role design and security concepts to help ensure users are managed, classified and licensed compliantly.

  • LAW Simulation
  • User Licensing by assigned SAP roles
  • Identify dormant SAP user accounts
  • Identify unlocked, locked and un-expired accounts
  • Review last logons, no logons and inactive users
  • Identify clean-up and optimisation actions

We utilise our SAP ELP Tool to monitor and control your effective licensing position and give clients visibility of licensing risk and compliance ahead of an SAP license audit. Our ELP tool automates analysis of your BoM and LAW data to establish your licensing position. The tool provides a series of insightful KPI dashboards and reports on a quarterly basis allowing you to manage licensing risks effectively.

  • Automates analysis of LAW and client BoM/Inventory data
  • Full visibility of Effective Licensing Position (ELP)
  • Visibility of products licensed from SAP
  • Visibility of license audit risks
  • Visibility of compliance risks and surplus assets
  • Drill downs and breakdown supporting decision making

With JNC’s SAP licensing support service you get unlimited access to our SAP licensing experts to help answer questions regarding current of future licensing concerns. We help customers understand their SAP roadmaps in terms of licensing impact and cost. We are also on hand at any time to help resolve licensing disputes with the vendor giving clients an extra layer of protection and assurance.

  • Any licensing question answered any time
  • SAP roadmap reviews
  • Licensing impact and risk assessments
  • Management of Indirect Access licensing risk
  • TCO analysis
  • Dispute Resolution

Our service includes supporting clients with preparing for their annual license audit, also know as an annual measurement. Our support service helps ensure clients are optimised ahead of a license audit helping to minimise risk and licensing cost. We help plan and execute the necessary preparation and support client with submitting their LAW report.

We help our client’s procurement and category management teams execute Sap licensing purchases effectively, from defining purchasing requirements though to review order forms for risk and accuracy before signing. We also use our vast repository of SAP pricing and discount intelligence to benchmark purchases to help clients get maximum value from negotiations.

Budgeting and controlling license costs can be a complex endeavour with many hazards and pitfalls. Common challenges within an organisation include:

  • Staff changing roles within the organisation.
  • Contractors accessing SAP landscapes through 3rd party applications.
  • Multiple staff sharing a single User ID.
  • The use of generic accounts.
  • Indirect system usage.


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