SAP Indirect Access Licensing

Presented in association with RED Global SAP Solutions

On Wednesday 22nd March, JNC held a webinar on SAP Indirect Access licensing presented in association with RED Global SAP Solutions. The Webinar gave attendees a greater understanding of what Indirect Access is and what management strategies they can implement to identify Indirect Access risk and deal with it.

The webinar attracted over 250 registrants, the largest webinar audience in JNC’s history. This highlighting the particular relevance of the topic with many firms looking to establish the risk and understand how they can deal with it. Thanks once again to Red for hosting and co-promoting the webinar with us. There was a strong representation of Red customer’s joining us to learn more about Indirect Access and take advantage of their access to JNC expertise through Red’s Partner Alliance scheme. We had a truly global audience with more than 25 different countries represented, many of the world’s top consulting firms, with a number of software vendors also joining. We were happy to welcome some of JNC’s existing customers as well so once again thanks to everyone who joined us.

The Question and Answer session at the end attracted over 40 questions, more than we were able to respond to during the event. With numerous requests for resources to be made available after the webinar we have published the webinar recording, Q&A Responses and Presentation Key Messages available to view and download below.

Webinar Recording

Q&A Responses Download:

Indirect Access Webinar Q&A Final 240317

Presentation Key Messages Download:

Indirect Access Webinar – Key Messages

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