Digital Access Adoption Program

What is DAAP?

Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP), is an SAP incentive for existing customers to switch to the latest Document-Based Licensing Model (New Model) for Indirect Use of SAP software. This program is only for customers who are still on the legacy User-Based Licensing Model and are considering the transition.

To expand, the New Model is defined around SAP software and therefore identifies an Outcome-Based approach or documents created. This Document-Based Licensing Model can be broken down into nine functional areas; (1) Sales, (2) Invoice, (3) Purchase, (4) Service & Maintenance, (5) Manufacturing, (6) Quality, (7) Time Management, (8) Financial and (9) Material. These functional areas represent your business processes and anything outside of these will be considered free of charge. What is also free of charge is any post-processing of indirect documents that have already been licensed.

We offer a number of services to organisations who want to address SAP licensing

What are the options?

Within DAAP you have two commercial options. The first option is straightforward and you get a 90% discount. The second option is you only get the standard volume discount, but you get the currently used volume for free and you only pay for some headroom for future growth. This headroom must be at least 15% of the measured current volume, so bare that in mind. With both options, you get a credit for Digital Access (DA) related software entitlement shelfware (e.g. Named Users, Sales & Service Ordering, Purchase Ordering).

New Model vs Old Model

Like all business investments you have the positives and you have the negatives. Here a JNC, we have identified key messages we would like you to consider before agreeing to transition. For example, the New Model is easier to measure as its considerably more simplified than the Old Model. By running the program, you and your organisation will be able to identify indirect software use, if you have any, meaning you can become fully complaint. Lastly, depending on your current situation, the New Model could be cost effective, saving you money in the near future.

However, on the flip side, this transition may not be suitable for your organisation and remaining on your current model would be most suited. This is why it’s important to gain a good understanding of your landscape before making that final leap. Secondly, it is a financial investment and at the minute it may not run in accordance with your organisation’s annual budget as new SAP software entitlements will need to be purchased. With all of this in mind, the change will bring technical change and this can often take time to measure and implement the tool. Finally, the DAAP offer is only available for a short period of time (May 2020), so you haven’t got long to react.



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