SAP Security Audits

Access controls (sensitive access and SoD conflicts) are areas within an SAP landscape that require periodical reviews.

As SAP certified consultants, our objective is to probe the SAP landscape for security vulnerabilities, weaknesses and potential security threats (including unsubstantiated access through backdoors).

Furthermore we will validate your authorization concept, checking for inconsistencies and reporting findings along with recommendations on remediation.

Safeguarding Your Business

We pride ourselves on being ethical, pragmatic and professional, delivering quality services on time and within budget. The independence of our advice is guaranteed, since we have no commercial involvement in product sales or installation.

We deliver a universal SAP security strategy and a newly technically implemented and fully controlled SAP security concept tailored to your needs. This will provide you as the organization the capability to continuously monitor, control and protect your assets within your organization with:

Objective Independent Risk and Risk Control Analysis

Implementation and Optimization of Strategic Security Concepts

Protection Requirement Analysis

Development of Risk Control Framework

Mitigate and Control Risks

Technical Implementations

SAP Security Support, Advisory and Monitoring Solutions

You will appreciate our commitment to maintaining a long-term business relationship, with expert opinion available on demand whenever you need it.

Expert consultancy when you need it.

For more information about our SAP Security Audits expertise or to learn how we can help your business:

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