Our Approach

Access Control monitoring software measures the ‘potential’ risks within the organization stemming from user access rights (privileges).

We perform an independent deep dive review into the ruleset of the clients chosen GRC solution. This means we check that all the technical authorizations are correctly configured to eliminate false positives and false negatives.

Not only focusing on the technical configuration of the rules,  but we also work with business stakeholders to ensure that all business processes within SAP and the risks within those business processes are monitored.

If risks cannot be avoided, sufficient controls are required.

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Rule Set Assessment

After scrutinizing and measuring the vulnerabilities and aligning your risk matrix you can then implement controls policies and procedures to ensure the daily running of the organization is carried out with minimal levels of risk.

Technical installation of SAP GRC

Defining bespoke Rule sets

Identifying and Documenting Risk

Developing suitable controls to manage and control risk

Developing Policies and Procedures to monitor vulnerabilities

Recovery Planning

Security Strategy Impelmenting and Integration

Remediating SAP authorizations to ensure compliance

Understanding costs of contract optimization and compliance

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